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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

White House Veterans’ Complaint Hotline Now Active

On June 1, 2017, President Trump’s promised White House VA Veterans’ Complaint Hotline went live. The hotline is intended to provide veterans with an avenue to report problems with and complaints about the VA. VA Secretary David Shulkin said that the initial soft launch of the hotline will only have live operators to take some of the calls at first, with a pledge to provide continuous 24/7 live coverage by August 15, 2017.

All calls made to the hotline will be confidential. However, depending on the issues involved, some may need to be referred to the appropriate VA department and some information may need to be shared with those departments in order for specific complaints to be addressed.

President Trump proposed the hotline during his campaign as a way for veterans to be able to bring their complaints and issues directly to the White House and not get lost in the VA system. According to VA officials, information from these calls will be used to address issues regarding benefits and receipt of care for veterans and their families.

Please remember that this is NOT a Veterans’ Crisis Line and is not intended to provide suicide prevention assistance. This is to report problems with the VA, such as difficulty receiving benefits or care, directly to the White House. If you or a family member are in crisis and in need of immediate help, please call the Veterans’ Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8255 and press 1.

If you have an issue or a complaint to report to the White House, you may call the new hotline at 1-855-948-2311. Again, not all calls will be answered by a live operator at this stage since the program will not be fully staffed 24/7 by live operators until the official launch on August 15, 2017.


  1. Va requested a C&P exam on 04/14/16. I did the exam as reuquested. In March Year prior, I put in for a claim that pertain to 2 of the issues in the current claim. They supposedly closed the claim in March 16, am but set me an appointment I knew nothing about. The date was cancelled, but I rescheduled and did the exam on the April 14, 2016. I have inquired pretaining to the exam on several times about results, and the answer is always the same. Nothing about the exam that was requested or done. I drove over a 100 miles for this exam. I call 1-800-827-1000 they see the information, but that is all. Nothing about anything being done. How do I proceed in getting this taken care of? What am I dealing with? I can be contacted at regenawr31

    1. If they closed the claim in March 2016, then you have to submit a new claim in order for them to have a reason to use the exam results. If you submit a new claim or try to reopen the old one based on submitting "new" evidence from that exam, then it should proceed properly. The issue is that the exam was conducted after the claim was closed and never reopened.

  2. I am a vietnam Era 100% disabled Veteran living in the Philippines because of slower lifestyle and less stress.The only Va Clinic is over 400 miles away and i must take a plane to go to.Last year I attempted to go to the Va in Manila and at the airport was told i could not board the flight because i didnt look well enough to travel.9 days later i had a massive heart attack and woke up in ICU in a private hospital.I started trying to check out AMA because i knew i couldnt afford the bill and the va said they would not assist I filed a complainant and the va was contacted and call me to make an appointment and when they did it was 81 days away.I kept telling them i need help but they have their own pace.I POST THIS BECAUSE IF I DONT LIVE TO MAKE IT TO THE VA ON THE 18TH OF SEPT MAYBE THE VA WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS.I REQUEST MY FAMILY BE TAKEN CARE OF AND I REQUEST AN HONOR GUARD AT MY FUNERAL BECAUSE of my disability i lost my youth trying to find help but was denied va connection until 2004. ill never know what its like to have my first and only home.all too late to matter to me and be changed but maybe i can leave something for my children.THANK GOD I LIVED LONG ENOUGH TO SEE AMERICA GET THE PRESIDENT WE SO NEEDED WHO WILL FIGHT FOR THE PEOPLE AND NOT A PARTY OR AGENDA.THANK YOU MR.PRESIDENT
    SSN 267271521
    DOB 09-23-1955

  3. I just called. Got the same damn runaround that I get from the VA office here. They do nothing. They won't help. They offer zero alternatives. They don't care. This is entirely broken and cannot be fixed.

  4. The VA is still as corrupt as ever. Even laws, rules, manuals mean nothing to the Regional Offices nationwide. They do as they please, stall appeals so a Veteran will die first. Give incomplete information on both EBenefits and They don't want us to know the TRUTH. The Baltimore MD RO needs to be shut down, cleaned out and rebuilt but will never be done, Veterans will continue to DIE everyday due to the delays maintained by the VBA, Veterans Benefits Admin. because no investigation will EVER be done to address the corruption there. Veterans will always pay the ultimate price awaiting for justice from the VA, It's is called DEATH, which is what the VA really wants to happen to Veterans.

  5. Pointless. I call and they say they will get back to you in 14 days. I call back oh they didn't call you back, let me open another ticket for you and someone will call you back in 14 days. Cant make this stuff up.

  6. Served on USS Pittsburgh SSN 720 during Desert Storm. We had SCUDS land within 4nmi and 7nmi of our position. Had chemical leak on said USS Pittsburgh I was extremely vulnerable to at the time but did not know it. Worst anthrax vaccine reactions on record again typically after 4 or 5th shot in military my blood enzyme condition. When I was in there was 3 such shots. Base I served on super fund clean up site due to toxic soil and water samples. Told by VA I am not Desert Storm veteran they will never service connect me. Tired contact various veterans organizations and told they will not represent me. They refuse to consider my enzyme condition that makes me 100 to 1000 times more vulnerable to certain chemical weapons and medications including vaccines. It is rigged system were a veteran cannot get a fair trial by jury. If jury seen my evidence VA would have hard time defending deciding against me. To add fuel to this fire VA closed my case while I was burying my dead dad (a retired Navy chief). VA is dishonest and dishonorable. They exist only to push political decisions for service connection.

    1. I'm so sorry to hear about your case. Without all the information, I can't recommend the best way to proceed. However, a lawyer may be able to help you out. There are some great ones that specialize in the disability system. They can review your case and see if there is anything they can do to help.