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Monday, May 7, 2018

Official RAMP Update

Rumors have been going around regarding the VA opening up the Rapid Appeals Modernization Program (RAMP) to all veterans with appeal claims pending. 

Currently, veterans can only opt into RAMP if they receive an invitation in the mail. And this is still the case. However, the VA did officially announced last Friday that they were going to be opening up the program to all veterans with pending appeals, but they did not specify when or how this change will occur.

Our source at the VA tells us that they are working to implement this change, but so far no information is available about when veterans may opt into RAMP without receiving an invitation. 

RAMP is designed to speed up the appeals process, and while not as many veterans have been taking advantage of it as expected, it seems to be successful so far. Over 12,000 veterans have already opted to take advantage of the program, with reviews taking an average of 52 days to complete. 

Veterans filing new appeals should continue to submit them using the current appeals process. Veterans who have already submitted an appeal may still receive a RAMP invitation and may opt in before the process is opened up. We will continue to follow this issue and as soon as the VA removes the invitation-only requirement, we will let you know. 

In another step aimed at improving the claims process, the Board of Veterans Appeals will begin a pilot program, Early Applicability of Appeals Modernization (BEAAM). Working with several veterans’ organizations, the Board will select 50 veterans who are unhappy with their recent claims decisions. These veterans will be enrolled in a study which will give them a choice between a direct appeal to the Board or a RAMP review of their claim. The information gained about the veterans’ experiences will help the VA fine tune the claims process. 


  1. Dr. Johnson; how can I find out more info on the BEAAM pilot program? I've had a claim in since 2013 and I'm on my 2nd appeal to that claim so needless to say I'm totally fed up and disgusted with the VA and their claim/appeal process. I've received an invitation from the VA to participate in the RAMP program but I'm not sure if I'll select to go that route.

    1. There really isn't additional information about BEAAM. It is by invite-only and is really just the RAMP program where they more closely monitor the vet. Anyone chosen for BEAAM would have to apply for RAMP.

  2. My husband did RAMP. He got 80%, but 100% PT, UI, backpay given up, told he can't appeal, or might lose rating. Sleep Apnea, SC to PTSD was 30%, removed. Just had sleep study, is on bi pap and has serious heart and brain blood flow due to VA Dr.cutting oxygen levels, 1 yr ago, bad test at VA, has been on bi pap 7 yrs.prior. removal caused damage. Should he appeal?

  3. I had bilateral ankle stublar fusion with non union, corrected bilateral triple ankle fusion with screws. Then had screws removed in one ankle, received 10% rating for one ankle and service connected but zero rating. Appealed in Feb 2016 but last month opt in the ramp program . My claim was in the pittsburgh pa office but now it's been moved to the Seattle office. Is this normal procedures? I am confused about my rating as well, thank you for any insight on this matter