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Monday, March 9, 2015

The VA Announces the 2015 Summer Sports Clinic

The VA announced last Friday that it is now accepting applications for the 2015 National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic. Disabled Veterans from around the nation are expected to attend this annual event, which will be held September 13-18 in San Diego, CA.

The Summer Sports Clinic is open to any veteran who has sustained an injury within the past 6 years. This can include anything from amputations to spinal cord conditions to traumatic brain injury (TBI).

As recreational therapy and adaptive sports have become an ever-increasing component of a successful rehabilitation program, the VA has developed numerous opportunities, like the Summer Sports Clinic and the National Veterans Wheelchair Games, for disabled veterans to experience a wider-range of therapies and rehabilitation styles. This year’s Clinic will offer an introduction to a wide variety of adventure sports and recreational activities, including track and field events, cycling (hand and tandem), kayaking, surfing and sailing. The goal is to help the participants discover new skills and activities that can add greater value to their rehabilitation.

The application deadline for the Clinic is May 1, 2015. For more information and access to an application, visit

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