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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Expanded VA Same-Day Care and Emergency Reimbursements

Expanded VA Same-Day Care

The VA is now offering same-day urgent care appointments for both primary and mental health care at all of its medical facilities across the country. With this recent change, the VA now offers the following same-day services:

- face-to-face appointments with a primary or mental health care provider
- face-to-face appointments with a specialist
- phone calls with a nurse for advice
- telehealth visits with physicians and other providers
- filling prescriptions

For a full list of same-day services offered in your area, check out the VA’s interactive map.

Emergency Care Reimbursements

The VA just revised its regulations governing reimbursement for emergency treatment received at a non-VA facility for non-service-connected conditions. This change will affect claims pending on or after April 8, 2016, as well as new claims.

The VA will start with claims for reimbursement of costs not covered or partially paid by other health insurance (OHI), which could include ambulances, hospital charges, or professional fees.

This change is in response to a 2016 US Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims case in which the court ruled that the VA could not refuse to reimburse veterans when OHI paid part of their treatment costs. However, by law, the VA may still not cover co-pay costs, deductibles, or cost shares that their OHI requires.

For more information about this ruling, please visit the VA’s page for Emergency Medical Care.

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